Ultra-Tech Enterprises

test equipment for relay, cab signal and electronics

Ultra-Tech Enterprises, Inc. is a specialized engineering, manufacturing and service company. Our primary products are on-board and portable test equipment/systems for public and private railroads, transit operating authorities, including freight and passenger services, and rail car builders across North America.

Cab Signal Master

Cab Signal Master

The Cab Signal Master is a microprocessor based system specially developed to test all cab signal equipment in railroad locomotives and transit cars.  Programmable default settings and straight forward operations allow simple “plug it in, turn it on” operation with very little instruction.

Relay Tester with Timer

Standard Relay Tester with Timer/Counter

The new Ultra-Tech Model 15967 Relay Tester with Timer/Counter will consistently test various relays that include: Timers, Coders, slow Release and Slow Acting.  As well as performing the standard tests, the new tester will display the Code Rate and Duty Cycle percentage while you are testing Coding Relays.


The Speed-O-Calibrator consists of two sections, control box and drive unit. The control box is stored inside the drive unit for easy portability. The control box weighs less than 6 lbs and is used in the cab of a locomotive to control the speed of the Axle Alternator Drive Unit. The Drive Unit drives the Axle Alternator at various speeds while the user verifies that the correct speed is displayed in the cab. The test system provides a complete test of the speedometer system, including all types and paddle lengths of Axle Alternators.

Track Signal Sniffer

The Track Signal Sniffer is a self contained microprocessor based test system designed for railway workers to quickly test or calibrate cab signal frequencies and code rates on the rail using a current probe around one rail. It measures and displays the cab signal frequencies, code rates, duty cycle and current for both single and 9 aspect coding. In addition, The Track Signal Sniffer can also be used to measure audio track circuits and railroad crossing frequencies up to 20 KHz. The tester incorporates a serial communications port for interface with PCs.