Training and Support

Experts from TPSC and the company represented by TPSC are available to provide these services for railroads.  Contact TPSC to learn more.

Locomotive Battery Maintenance & Charging (TPSC / GNB) – for dependable starting power and protection of battery assets

Signal Battery Care and Tips (TPSC / GNB) – for extending battery life and ensuring workers practice safe handling

Solar Site Audits (Ameresco Solar) – solve problems and device fixes to achieve dependable solar back-up power

Surge Protection & Grounding Audits or Training (ARMS / Polyphaser) – identify, remedy and prevent problems, protect critical electrical and communication equipment

Environmental Analysis (GSS) – complete regulatory compliance prior to tower installations

Battery Recycling (TPSC / GNB) – GNB recycles ALL LEAD ACID battery models, and provides EPA certification