IoT edge computing software solutions


ClearBlade is the Edge Computing software company enabling enterprises to rapidly engineer and run secure, real-time, scalable IoT applications. ClearBlade was built for the enterprise from the ground up to run securely in any cloud, on-premise and at the edge.

Clearblade is used to power ARMS Ario to measure, monitor and deliver data  on the status of remote railroad assets.

ClearBlade enables railroads to ingest, analyze, adapt and act on any data in real-time and at the extreme scale. Unleash your data at the edge by leveraging local compute, artificial intelligence and actionable visualizations while integrating with any enterprise system – all from a single platform.

The ClearBlade IoT Edge Platform powers activities at the edge of your IoT solutions including real-time business rules, filtering, online / offline modes and messaging. With a small footprint and no external dependencies, you can turn almost any edge gateway into a platform powerhouse. The same software at the server and the edge gives you endless possibilities.

ClearBlade IoT