NEWS: TPSC Highlights 30-year Short Line Program Anniversary at 2019 ASLRRA Connections

(released April 7, 2019) Just three years after opening its company doors to serve Class I railroad needs, in 1989 the founder of TPSC (Transportation Products Sales Company) Walter Winzen launched a dedicated program to serve Short Line and Regional railroads across North America. He had met many owners of the smaller railroads during his considerable travels across the country in preceding years and felt compelled to help them get the batteries and products they needed to run successful operations.

“For the past 30 years, our SL program staff has helped railroads start their engines, re-charge and recycle their batteries, light their signals, gather power from the sun, and find protection from lightning strikes,” quips Debra Winzen, CEO, referring to applications for the products TPSC represented.

Scott McKelvie, VP Sales reflected on the tremendous industry transformation over the past 30 years and added, “We have been fortunate to partner with our short line customers as they have grown and changed during these three decades. Alongside them the ASLRRA association has continuously stepped up to help the railroads and suppliers meet the resulting new challenges. We are all fortunate to have this level of support.”