Short Line and Regional Railroads

For over two decades, TPSC has supported the needs of Short Line and Regional railroads and their contracted engineering and maintenance companies across North America. Through our partner companies, we are able to offer to smaller railroads the products and services that have been operationally proven by the Class One railroads and that are compatible with Class One operations when synchronization is necessary.

This compatibility is especially important as the deadlines for Positive Train Control (PTC) approach and as many small railroads are required to equip their locomotives to communicate across one or more Class One rail lines. TPSC’s partner company – Automated Railroad Maintenance Systems (ARMS) – has the experience and knowledge to help Short Lines managers equip their locomotives with the PTC antennas, equipment cabinets and racks, RF filters, DC/DC power converters, and all of the other essential components and materials they will need.

For day-to-day operations at all Short Lines and Regional railroads, TPSC is able to supply a number of key products, including these most commonly used by smaller railroads.

  • Antennas-Wifi/Cell/GPS
  • Batteries and Chargers (for locomotives)
  • Batteries and Chargers (for signal, backup, solar, telecom)
  • Data/Signal Filtering and Surge Protection
  • Electronic Devices and Equipment
  • Environment Compliance Analysis
  • Equipment Cases, Cabinets, Racks
  • High Speed Data Transmission
  • Lighting – LED and Incandescent
  • Locating Equipment for Buried Cables
  • Power Supplies – Inverters, Converters
  • PTC Equipment and Materials
  • Radar, Cameras, Video for Monitoring
  • Recycling for Lead Acid Batteries
  • Single Point Watering Systems (for locomotive batteries)
  • Solar, Wind, Fuel Cells, Batteries (for remote and back-up power)
  • Testing Equipment
  • Towers and Platforms
  • Wireless /Radios and Transmitters
  • Vehicle Detection Radar for Crossings

Contact the TPSC sales team for additional information and for pricing for these products and services: or 866-211-1754.