Signal and Crossing Solutions

  • Batteries and Back-Up Power Options
  • High Efficiency Charging Solutions
  • AC-DC Inverters and DC-DC Converters
  • Lighting for Signals, Gate Arms, Indicators
  • PTC Antennas
  • Surge and Lightning Protection
  • Radar Detection for Blocked Crossings
  • Equipment Enclosures and Cases
  • Case Replacement Services
  • Waterproof Entry Systems for Cases

Locomotive and Passenger Car

  • Starting Batteries and Chargers
  • PTC Radios, Power Supplies, Antennas
  • On-Board PA, WiFi, Telecom Systems
  • High Speed Cameras and Video Systems
  • LED Lighting
  • Data/Signal Filtering and Surge Protection
  • Single Point Watering Systems
  • Detectors for Hot Bearings, Truck Hunting, etc.
  • Relay Test Equipment

Telecom / Communications

  • Telecommunication Components
  • Power Supplies and Rectifiers
  • Batteries and Backup Power Solutions
  • Wireless Systems and Radios
  • RF/Coaxial and Data/Signal Surge Protection
  • Engineering Support
  • Towers and Platforms
  • Telecom Cases and Case Replacement Solutions
  • Connectors and I/O Systems
  • LED Tower Lighting and Vigilant Systems
Services and Training

Customized Solutions and Training

  • System Integration, Assemblies, and Kitting
  • Engineering Support – Signal, Communication, Telecom
  • Environmental and Compliance Analysis and Reporting
  • Design Planning for In-Shop Charging Solutions
  • Training for Battery Maintenance (Locomotive or Signal)
  • Training on Surge and Lightning Protection
  • Training for Effective Use of Locating Equipment Along Track, Wayside and Yards