Our Partner Companies

TPSC takes pride in representing “the best of the best” in order to completely satisfy our customers' needs and expectations. For additional information about the products and services of these companies, contact the TPSC sales staff. Click on this link to see an overview of our products and services.

GNB Industrial Power is the #1 supplier of lead-acid batteries for railroad signal, communication, stand-by power and locomotive starting.


ARMS (Automated Railroad Maintenance Systems) – provides product distribution, system design and integration, turnkey PTC design, smart kitting, and case wiring.


Ameresco Solar provides the latest photovoltaic technology, and wind power for critical applications where and when utility power is not available.

Ameresco Solar

Ultra-Tech Enterprises (UTE)provides on-board and portable test equipment and systems for railroads, transit operating authorities, and rail car builders.


EMI manufactures a wide array of towers, platforms and foundations that allow easy service and installation in a variety of ground conditions and terrains.


GSS is the leader in environmental due diligence, providing environmental analysis and compliance services for communication and tower installations.

GSS Midwest

Fluidmesh Networks is the leader in wireless communication for freight railroads and transit systems, including network infrastructure, on-board media and high-speed train to ground data.


Island Radar uses patented SmartSensor Matrix radar technology for reliable vehicle detection in crossings without the cost, maintenance and train delays with buried devices.

Island Radar

PTMW offers world-class metal fabrication for high quality, custom designed cases, houses and enclosures for all types of railroad equipment.


Communication Concepts specializes in video security systems for bridges, tunnels, intermodal, facilities, RCL and hump yards.

Communication Concepts

Dialight manufactures LED products for the rail industry, including obstruction lighting for towers, wind generators, etc. as specified by the FAA and FCC.


CorrSolve Corrosion Solutions provides highly-effective, non-hazardous corrosion solutions, using proven technology that’s tailored for specific applications.


Rycom Instruments offers a full line of cable locating and cable test equipment – from premium locators for precision locates, to simple low cost cable pathfinders.


Velcorp Gems delivers LED and incandescent lighting, light assemblies, gate arms, lenses, hoods, enclosures, and power indicators, and more.


Bel Power Solutions and Protection (formerly Power-One) offers premium AC-DC and DC-DC power converters.(Sold through ARMS.)

Bel Power Solutions

Wago systems provide spring pressure wire termination for PCB, chassis and DIN rail mounts. (Components and custom assemblies are sold through ARMS.)


CalAmp provides wireless solutions that deliver data, voice and video for critical networked communications including radios (PTC) applications.


Eltek offers a broad range of high efficiency power solutions for signaling, operational communication, and much more. (Sold through ARMS.)


PolyPhaser | Transtector provide power and signal integrity solutions for the rail industry wherever it’s needed – on-board, wayside, top of tower, etc. (Sold through ARMS.)

Polyphaser Transtector

Plug Power’s ReliOn fuel cell suite delivers clean, reliable power. Scalable, cost-effective, low operating cost and minimal maintenance. (Sold through ARMS.)


Shawnee Power developed a DC generator specifically for RR applications able to monitor and charge two isolated battery systems. (Sold through ARMS.)