About Us

TPSC - Transportation Products Sales Company is a professional sales management and customer servicing organization. Our experienced team has an in-depth understanding of the needs of our customers, of our industry standards and of the products and services we represent. Working side-by-side with experts from our partner companies, we strive to completely satisfy our customers’ expectations. As part of this goal, we only represent the highest quality products with demonstrated performance records; and services whose providers are proficiently qualified.

We serve customers across North America providing proven solutions for PTC, locomotives, signals and telecommunications to freight, transit, regional and short line railroads, and to their contracted engineering and installation businesses.

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Our Locations

TPSC has staff set up strategically across North America. To contact the person or group best suited to serve your needs, please see our contact us page.

Industry Associations

TPSC and/or TPSC staff are members of the following rail industry associations.

  • AREMA - American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association
  • RSSI - Railway Systems Suppliers Inc.
  • RSI - Railway Supply Institute
  • REMSA - Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association
  • ASLRRA - American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association
  • LMOA – Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association
  • WCC – Wireless Communication Committee (AAR)
  • World PTC Congress